Mitch has begun teaching me about photography in case he ever needs me for back-up.  I decided if I'm going to get anywhere, I need to learn little bits at a time and then internalize them and use my knowledge until I'm comfortable with it before moving on. Last night we went over 'aperture' and 'ISO,' two BIG and COMPLEX (if you ask me) photography concepts.  He volunteered at our church this weekend, so while he was gone my assignment was to practice.

Clara and I went to the park this evening to do just that.  And I have to say, I'm very pleased with myself.

I did use my new knowledge to produce these pictures.

It was dusk, meaning low light, so I chose the lowest f score, keeping my aperture wide open, to receive the most light on my sensor and properly expose the picture.  This also creates a nice bokeh effect.    Clara was a moving target, so I increased my ISO to quicken the shutter speed and decrease blur.*  

*Photography Jargon. Impressed?  I'm not even sure I'm saying this correctly.  We're called "Mitchell Bennett Photography" for a reason.  But I stand a good chance of improving.  I am married to a professional teacher.

I set Clara in a basket with pearls and her beautiful hand-knit blanket (thanks grandma!). Her cute expressions did the rest!


The people passing by on the path behind me were amused.