An Evening on the Quad / by Mitch Bennett

This weekend we returned to our alma mater with our long time friends Pablo and Erica (and Lucas and Clara of course).  We spent the evening strolling around Mizzou's beautiful campus in search of family photo ops.  We eventually landed at Mizzou's signature columns. Lucas is an energetic little fellow, and he's FAST.  I had the job of keeping track of him while Mitch took some Pablo/Erica pictures.  He essentially just ran or pushed his stroller non-stop around the quadrangle and surrounding areas, which is big enough that I felt obliged to stay close by.  It was a nice little initiation into the unique challenges of mothering an active toddler.  Only time will tell if Clara will be quite so active.  I somehow doubt it.

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Overall we got some great shots.  Most of all it was fun spending time with my long-time friend and her family.